September 16, 2016

Arbor Covenant’s Story…

Arbor Covenant Church began nearly 60 year ago, when members of the Evangelical Covenant Church planted and began faithfully nurturing a congregation on Madison’s south side. Ever since, the church has been committed to shared ministry that seeks God’s glory and neighbors’ good.

Like they have for everyone, the last few years have been full of transition and change for our Church. Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, we began a process to better utilize our resources and reimagine them as assets that can more effectively serve the wider community. To do this, we  have been cultivating partnerships with neighbors, other faith communities, and local organizations.

One of these partnerships is with Memorial UCC in Fitchburg, WI. In recent months we have been worshipping on Sunday mornings along with them in their building a few miles south of Arbor’s property. These services begin at 9:30am. We hope you will join our collaborative services either in person or online.

Something New: The Arbor Good Neighbor House…

Since its formation, the pursuit of God’s glory and neighbors’ good has always been central to Arbor Covenant Church’s congregational identity.  The Arbor Good Neighbor House is a fresh expression of that unshakeable commitment that first took root at the end of McDivitt Road nearly sixty years ago.

In response to challenges and opportunities presented by recent years and through new possibilities created by deepening partnerships, Arbor Covenant Church has reimagined our space and renamed it the Arbor Good Neighbor House.  The intent behind this is to pursue the good of our neighborhood together, alongside a widening circle of neighbors in south Madison.

Our Intention and Convictions…

The ARBOR GOOD NEIGHBOR HOUSE (AGNH) exists to connect neighbors and provide common ground for community interaction.  We do this to foster a sense of belonging, to facilitate the collective pursuit of community-initiated goals, and to help everyone in the community become better neighbors.

Our Core values and convictions include: 

  • Collaboration between organizations and groups unlock possibilities that cannot be achieved by entities acting alone.
  • Everyone can contribute. The more people who do, the better.  
  • Diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences strengthen collective efforts and enrich community.    
  • The vitality of a community is best assessed by how well it upholds, supports, and includes its most vulnerable members.
  • Community thrives through sustainable, equitable practices that recognize our inherent interconnectedness with each other and the world around us.
  • Flourishing communities provides space for grief, sadness, and anger, while never forgetting to embrace joy, seek beauty, and pursue fun.
  • As people’s capacity to engage, regard, and love their neighbors grows, communities are transformed.

We are working on a new website that will outline AGNH programs and partnerships and keep the community informed about events and opportunities taking place at the Arbor Good Neighbor House.  

Please watch this space and in the coming weeks and months to learn more.