About Us

May 31, 2011


At Arbor Covenant Church, we believe thoughtful, faithful followers of Christ reflect diverse backgrounds, have contrasting opinions, and arrive at differing conclusions. We can’t tell you that we all ascribe to one theological viewpoint or one set of doctrinal claims.  We can’t tell you that we all vote alike or have the same stance on every hot-button issue.  We can’t tell you that we all agree about all the details of our faith, have all the answers, or whether we all think the last sermon was any good.  We can’t tell you that community at Arbor is always neat or that it will never disappoint you.

We can tell you that we value one another and aspire to be a welcoming, inclusive community that offers grace and lives out reconciliation.  We can also tell you that we seek this community regardless of differences in ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, marital status, political affiliation, immigration status, physical/mental ability, criminal history, economic status, level of education, or any other means people use to discriminate against others.  What unites us is a common desire to discover more about Jesus Christ, our pursuit of community centered around Christ’s love for the world and our intention to share in God’s grace together.

Denominational Policies and Our Congregational Dissent
The Evangelical Covenant Church has passed a resolution outlining a standard for human sexuality and it expects ECC credentialed clergy and congregations to adhere to this position. We recognize that this position was adopted by a cross-section of Christians with whom we are thankful to share fellowship. However, Arbor Covenant dissents from it.

The Evangelical Covenant Church’s long-held commitment to freedom in Christ informs our church’s commitment to theological diversity. We realize that within our congregation not all members have come to the same conclusion on same-sex relationships/marriage and gender identity, but our collective convictions compel us to practice inclusion and love for all people.

Accordingly we as a community welcome all people, including LGBTQ+, to participate in the life and ministry of our congregation without limitation, including membership, service and holding staff or leadership positions. We also offer full pastoral care to all, including (but not limited to) prayer, visitation during illness, spiritual counsel, weddings, funerals, and baptisms.