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Love our neighbors through compassion, mercy, and social justice.


Gathering in Madison, WI for over 50 years.


All are welcome at the table.


Responding to the Word in Love.


Opportunities to grow together.

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Who we are

seeking God's glory and Neighbors' good
We are a community of people seeking a deeper relationship with God.

Lent is a season set apart, at least in part, for self-examination, when we might seek those things that are gospel imperatives and truly worth our energy and engagement. It’s a time to reflect on our lives, on our health and our wholeness — relationally, emotionally, spiritually. It’s a chance to examine our well-being, to consider ways that unresolved conflicts may have led to simmering, consuming resentment, ways disappointment may have mutated into toxic cynicism, how pain or a perceived threat may have become engrossing fear. During lent we are tasked with doing the work of self-discovery, with engaging a practice or practices that might reveal to us more of who we are than we might normally be willing to notice or able to see. It’s a season for healthy, appropriate navel-gazing that has ane ye on living into the vision God sets out for God’s people.

  • Encounter God

    by participating in God's joy and forgiveness

  • Love Our Neighbors

    through compassion, mercy, and social justice

  • Challenge and Care

    for the least of these

  • All are welcome

    to share in the journey


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