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Love our neighbors through compassion, mercy, and social justice.


Gathering in Madison, WI for over 50 years.


All are welcome at the table.


Responding to the Word in Love.


Opportunities to grow together.

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Who we are

seeking God's glory and Neighbors' good
We are a community of people seeking a deeper relationship with God.

To fully engage the world as our truest self — without the armor of cynicism, despair, or whatever tool of detachment we might employ — we have to risk vulnerability reminiscent of the Christ’s incarnation. The story of Incarnation expresses to us God’s willingness to become vulnerable that the world might relate to and embrace God’s hopes and God’s vision for creation. We have to heed the invitation to be born into the world with all our best intentions, all our best hopes, all our passions and commitments, all the gifts we can contribute. We have to have courage to daringly venture all that we can offer to benefit the communities of which we are a part, risking the comfort of complacency and some of the same perils Christ did. God’s hopes for the world weren’t limited to the Incarnation of his Son, they are also invested in us. We have to risk the vulnerability required to share them with the world. We too have to risk incarnation.

  • Encounter God

    by participating in God's joy and forgiveness

  • Love Our Neighbors

    through compassion, mercy, and social justice

  • Challenge and Care

    for the least of these

  • All are welcome

    to share in the journey


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