Arbor Covenant Church

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Love our neighbors through compassion, mercy, and social justice.


Gathering in Madison, WI for over 50 years.


All are welcome at the table.


Responding to the Word in Love.


Opportunities to grow together.

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Who we are

seeking God's glory and Neighbors' good
We are a community of people seeking a deeper relationship with God.

The hope of resurrection is that none of this will determine worth, identity, or destiny. None of it will make a person lovable or less a gift worth cherishing, because the truest self will always be determined by God’s love and Jesus’ triumph over all the forces that might separate him (and us) from it. Resurrection is good news for all of us. It means all pain will one day cease, all brokenness will be made whole, every tear will be wiped away, every imperfection will be overcome. It means no matter what we’ve done, or what’s been done to us, our identities are irrevocably forged in God’s inexhaustible love for each of us and all of creation. This is good news for people of all ages, from every place and background. -Pastor Peter Morris

  • Encounter God

    by participating in God's joy and forgiveness

  • Love Our Neighbors

    through compassion, mercy, and social justice

  • Challenge and Care

    for the least of these

  • All are welcome

    to share in the journey


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